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It is not a secret that academic writing is boring, troublesome and difficult. A great number of students are facing with academic writing difficulties, as the result of this, they receive bad grades. To write a powerful and outstanding academic paper, you will have to follow a set of rules and be aware of academic writing myths.

Essay Writing Myths

  1. Other Scholars are Better
    Many students think that other scholars are better at academic writing. You are mistaken if you think so, the main and the most significant point of success is academic writing practice. With practice you will improve your skills and will receive better results.
  2. It Takes A lot Time For Research
    Many students think that it will take a great amount of time to find reliable literature and to do proper research. The secret is in your topic. Choose such theme that will be interesting for you.
  3. Fancy Words and Phrases to Impress your Tutor
    The truth is that your professors do not really care about the use of fancy words and phrases. What is important for your teacher is the clarity of your paper.

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